mobile app example
mobile app example


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Endless PossibilitiesBuilding Uber for this? Or Airbnb for that?

We've got you covered.

  • mobile app example
    mobile app example
    mobile app example
    mobile app example
    mobile app example
    mobile app example
    mobile app example
    mobile app example
    mobile app example
    mobile app example
    mobile app example
    What can I add to my app?Almost anything.
    App features payment example
    Card Number
    0000 0000 0000 0000
    Want to sell something on your app? Done. Want to let other people sell on your app? Done. Want to charge a subscription? Done. We have the perfect payment solution for any business model.
    Bloks Social Media List Example
    Bloks Social Media List Example
    Bloks Social Media List Example
    Bloks Social Media List Example
    Bloks Social Media List Example
    Bloks Social Media List Example
    Bloks Social Media List Example
    Bloks Social Media List Example
    Bloks Social Media List Example
    Grumpy Cat Post

    Grumpy Gary

    8 min

    Catnip is life





    Barry Bunny Post

    Barry Bunny

    42 min

    Barry Bunny Post Carrots

    Treating Myself





    Pets you may know

    Pets you may know 0
    Bernie Biter
    Pets you may know 1
    Margy Mustache
    Pets you may know 2
    Ernie Einstein
    Pets you may know 3
    Bday Bob
    Pets you may know 4
    Rufus Raindeer
    Social Feeds
    Want to list users' posts or stories? Want to make an app like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or TikTok? No problem. It's already set up for you with our social feeds list!
    App Features Map Example
    Want to display routes, deliveries, or your location? Maybe you're building an app like Uber, or maybe you need to display a location's rental options like Airbnb. Our map features let you access the world, and we mean literally!
    Your users can swipe to their heart's content with the slider component. Make dating and matching apps with ease and help people connect!
    Bloks Slides Example 1

    Also Reed

    Wanna be cowboy

    Home, home on the range

    Likes: Flannel shirts, fake glasses, & Starbucks Cherry Pie Frappucinos

    Dislikes: Still arriving on time

    Bloks Slides Example 1


    Part time pirate

    Somewhere out at sea

    Likes: Edison bulbs, patchy beards, ranch dressing, & strawberry daquiris

    Dislikes: Arriving on time, IPAs, & car batteries



    Have an urgent message to share with your users or want to capture someone’s attention at the perfect the moment? Make sure your users see it all with easy to set up popups!
    Location Example Globe
    Location Example Marker
    Location, location, location - so many apps use location tags and services now- and for good reasons.
    Locating businesses, setting up directions, and setting parameters for dating apps all require location information. You can set the perfect location services with our location features.

    You left the stove on!

    Call Home

    Baby its cold outside!

    Cancel Plans
    Sometimes, there’s no going back. It sounds scary, but it’s not so bad with alerts!
    Set up alerts to make sure your users always know when they’re making important changes in your app. Be safe rather than sorry with a perfectly placed alert message for your users to double-check their options.
    Your App



    Wake me up before you go-go


    Your App



    Call me maybe?

    Your App



    Baby I was born to run

    Your App

    14m ago

    Billy Jean

    I am not your lover!

    “Someone really likes your profile!” is an exciting notification to get on your phone (and one I don’t see too often, sniffle*). I’m kidding. Okay maybe not.
    But notifications are important for many uses from confirming payments to (hopefully) getting profile likes on a dating app. Help your users stay up to date on your app with automated notifications.
    Bloks menu example
    Menus. They tell you about food. Except in this case. Bummer I know!
    Use the menu component to give your users all the navigation they need in your app or set the perfect list of buttons to help them do exactly what they want. Grouping options or showing users relevant pages is easy with the menu component!
    Tab Navigators
    Tab Navigators
    Easier is better when it comes to apps. And switching pages is almost too easy with the tab navigator component. Use the tab navigator to let your users move seamlessly between important pages.
    Tab Navigators
    Camera Roll
    A picture’s worth a thousand users, or so it goes with building apps. That’s why it’s especially important to have camera features enabled on your apps. Give your users quick camera access with the camera feature so they never miss a moment!
    Get Started on Bloks Free
    Bloks is completley free to build and test your applications. Upgrade at any time to launch your app on the App Store or Google Play Store. Bloks scales with your business to keep hosting costs low as you grow.
    Start Up
    • Build and Test Your App
    • Community Support
    • 5GB Storage
    • Launch on App & Play Stores
    • 10,000 Downlaods
    • Accept All Major Credit Cards
    • Chat Support
    • 15GB Storage
    • Launch on App & Play Stores
    • 50,000 Downlaods
    • Accept All Major Credit Cards
    • Marketplace Payments
    • Phone & Chat Support
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Keep an eye out for our forum and community pages where you can ask questions, contribute to discussions, and learn from the Bloks team and no-code experts. Coming soon!

    Yes, Bloks is free to start out and build an app! You only pay if you decide to launch your app to the Apple or Android stores. Pricing information and further details can be found here.

    When you build a platform through bloks it automatically optimizes for ios and Android. When you launch you will have an app on the Apple AppStore, and Google Play Store.

    No, not at all! Bloks is made for people who don’t want to deal with coding. You can build your app entirely by dragging and dropping components where you want them. It’s codeless magic so you don’t have to be a nerd like our developers to build something great!

    Yes! Bloks allows you to easily input data in an excel-like format and utilize it in your platform.
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    Cost to Build on Bloks

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