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Automation just Married a Front End Builder. Meet Bloks, the Future of Business

Jared Bertrand

Jared Bertrand

Feb 5, 2020

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The modern business world is evolving by leaps and bounds in our age of technological innovation. It seems like every day that an improved service makes an older offering obsolete. More specifically, the power of automation has completely changed the landscape of software. New businesses can use several methods at present to build out their applications and plug them together for automation. By sacrificing customizability, startups can build out the basic functionality of their applications and even use third-party services to automate procedures and transfer of data between applications. The opportunity cost lies in giving up your specific goals for custom functionality. But why trade customizability for ease of access? You don't have to anymore. A new business is changing the way the world builds and automates applications forever.

How people currently build apps and automate today (soon to be the “old way”)

In-house app development is expensive, and oftentimes extremely difficult. In the eyes of a startup, the name of the game is to work smarter, not harder. And with funding being so critical, it's a no-brainer to use third-party services to build apps and website-based businesses to save effort as well as cash. But this accessibility, unfortunately, comes with significant trade-offs. Because you use a third party, you sacrifice the ability to fluidly develop your application to the exact specifications that you want or that suit your business best. Instead, the third-party service (such as Wix, Webflow, Square Space, etc.) provides you with a template version that loosely fits the function that you want to build out. Then they build out your tasks with the standardized functionality. The problem is that your business isn't standardized. Each company is unique and has individual characteristics that distinguish it from others. The services you use should match your business specifications and help set you apart internally as well as externally. And for the first time, the perfect service exists to meld automation with a front-end builder, all while offering you the exact specifications in functionality that you dream about for your business.

Meet Bloks, the new standard in software business building

Industries are disrupted when a new contender shows the world that there's a better way to do things. It just makes sense. And Bloks follows the same formula. You shouldn't have to give up your desired features or specifications just because you don't know how to code or can't afford in-house developers. Have your cake and eat it too for once. It's only too good to be true until it isn't. Don't string together your app on a third party and then use another service for automation. Build your application and make automation- automatic, the way it always should have been. Whatever you dream of for your business platform, you can do it with Bloks. If your business requires more than a standard template, then Bloks will make sure you have a procedure as unique as your business aspirations. You owe it to your vision to do things your way. After all, business is just a collection of blocks that work together to make something bigger. Take control and differentiate yourself by building yours with Bloks- the platform that won't settle for anything less than your wildest dreams.

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Jared Bertrand
Bloks Staff

Jared Bertrand is a freelance writer from Covington, Louisiana. He has worked with several startups during his time attending Tulane University as well as post-graduation. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Management in Finance with a specialization in entrepreneurship. He writes on a wide range of subject matter from insightful startup content to his personal gardening blog.

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